E Cigarette Starter Kit

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E-Cigarette Starter Kit

E-Cig starter Kits There are many different types of E Cig starter kits available, from ones that include electronic cigarettes, E-Cig replacements parts and accessories, and starter sets for different amounts of money. They usually range in cost from roughly up to £30 and this is really the lowest end, low quality kit on the market. However, below are some of the lowest cost and best quality kits out there. Take a look at these, and see which ones interest you and which ones you’d like to avoid.

The Vapors Only Kit – This is the cheapest E cigarette starter kit you can buy. It consists of a plastic bottle with an electrical cable, an electric vapour heater, and the electronic cigarette. Hold the bottle upside down and place the electric heater onto the bottle’s neck. When you exhale, your inhale goes up the bottle, while the vapour stays in the bottle. Your battery should last approximately two weeks.

The Vapors Only Clearomizers – These are a bit more advanced than the Vapors Only Kit. They include a starter pack consisting of four clearomizers, two glass jars with the glass attached to the side, and a screwdriver to remove the glass jars. Your vapour will be much stronger this way, and it will last longer. You also won’t need to change the batteries as often.

The Express Charger and User’s Manual – This is basically the same kit, but with an Express charger included instead of a glass jar. It comes with the glass jars, the batteries, the stainless steel blade to use to cut your skin, and instructions. On the user’s manual, you find out how to mix your own base, match the correct nicotine strength, and how to use the electric puff applicator.

Smokers Anonymous – This kit is made for people who are either trying to quit smoking or trying to reduce the amount they do. There aren’t a lot of things that are more effective in helping smokers quit than this kit. The only drawback is that the cost is a little bit higher than other kits. Smokers Anonymous also includes a book on what to do when you stop smoking.

Everything You Need to Get Started – Your kit comes with a glass jar to put your Nicotine gel in, a stainless steel stainless blade to use to cut the skin, and instructions. On the user’s handbook, there is information on what to do when you stop. You will find an FAQ section on the bottom of the page that has some great tips that have been proven to help people quit cigarettes. The Everything You Need to Get Started eBook is full of information on E-CIGarette technology, along with a complete list of all the items you need to get started. There is even an audio version of the eBook for you to listen to.

E Cigarette Starter Kit – The E Cigarette starter kit comes with a stainless steel vacuum seal container along with a pack of Mentos candies that are wrapped in cellophane and an ashtray that has been trimmed to the shape of a heart. There is also a display card that shows how much nicotine strength is in each bottle of E-Liquids you choose. Once you open the lid of the E Cigarette Kit, it looks just like any other E Cigarettes you might find in any store. When you put the glass jar with the Mentos candies into the bottom of the vacuum seal container, your E Cigarette starts working.

Using Your Vapor Smoker – Since your kit has all the materials necessary to get started, all you have to do is put the ingredients into the bottom of your backpack, along with the stainless steel vacuum seal container and the glass jar with your E-Cigarettes. When you’re ready to use your E-Cigarette, you simply take your pen and place a fresh pack in your mouth and suck on it like you would a regular cigarette. A few seconds later, your body will start to heat up due to the warm air you are breathing, and your E Cigarette will start producing vapor smokes. In about five to ten minutes, you will reach your desired nicotine level and you will be ready to take another puff.

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Tonya Jordan
Tonya Jordan graduated from Columbia University, where she majored in Agricultural Technology Management. She is dedicated to helping people reduce the harm caused by smoking by using more convenient and safe e-cigarettes instead of cigarettes. She currently works in product development for a major e-cigarette company.
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